From movie and TV actor to The Mindhealth Coach - Michael Legge

Burn From Within

15-01-2021 • 46 mins

On this week’s episode, I have Michael Legge, who is a former actor best known for playing teenage Frank McCourt in Allen parker’s 1999 movie Angela's ashes and you might also know him from other TV shows like Shameless. Since being famous in the acting world for over two decades, he has now transitioned into a new career, having extensively studied self-development, various forms of therapies, and coaching. Now he is the founder of the mind health coach, helping actors and performing artists with anxiety and achieving their peak performance to excel in their career. We actually met in India, a few years ago at a neuro-linguistic programming retreat and got on very well.  I had to get him on the show as he made quite a career change and talks openly about it. In this episode, you will discover:

  • How Michael made the decision to leave his successful career in acting of almost 20 years and the gradual transition to a new passion of coaching
  • How solving his own persistent level of anxiety in acting fuelled helping other actors with this common challenge in the profession
  • What skills from a long and successful career in acting transferred into coaching?
  • How Michael’s purpose changed as his career changed and the realisation of shifting from his ego to operating at the level of contribution to others
  • How to tackle anxiety in your career and during Covid-19
  • What’s the one thing that’s made Michael Legge burn from within?