How To Quit Finance and Investment Banking Careers - Claudio Antonini

Burn From Within

22-10-2021 • 51 mins

On this week’s episode, we have Claudio Antonini who is a career change coach for finance and investment banking professionals.

We cover a lot in this interview, from:

  • What prompts finance and investment banking professionals to want to leave their career and what are the challenges in transitioning out of it?
  • Typical routes out and common transferable skills they can use
  • How to prevent your next career being a bad decision
  • Finding more suitable roles within your existing bank
  • How to recognise you are burnt out and what to do about it
  • The impact of Covid-19 on career change in finance and banking
  • When is the ideal time to leave your banking job or career?

The full show notes and videos of other interviews are available at, so listen all the way through, and enjoy!


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