The Carlisle Hotel Documentary, Dig Dug, and Clint Eastwood

HipPODrome Cast

02-04-2021 • 1 hr 12 mins

On this episode We learn that Joe has a fat pubis we talk about Romy and Michelle, Vincent and Roxy, Dig Dug, Pearl Jam, RUSH, AC/DC, Casablanca, Hang 'em High, and the Carlisle Hotel documentary. Joe and Mike Show, Cinescape Magazine, A Couple of Average Joe's, podcast,Joe and Mike,Microphone Therapy, Movies,Music,Entertainment, Pop Culture,Video Games,Romy and Michelle,vincent and roxy,pearl jam, rush,seattle bands, soundgarden, aic, stp,ac/dc,hang 'em high, casablanca,matt dillon, street car named desire,the rifleman, rawhide, cool hand luke,paul newman,carlisle hotel documentary,mountain mikes, ameci pizza,astro pop,dig dug,hooters,