Episode 09 - Priyanka Nair - Dog Trainer

Have I Made it Yet? - A Podcast for Filmmakers

22-04-2021 • 52 mins

The guest for this episode is someone who has been working on films since 2017, initially with dogs, and more recently in the Art Department. Priyanka Nair started her career as a Dog Behaviourist and went on to train hundreds of dogs for numerous clients including the National Security Guard and children with Autism before stepping into film. She discusses her childhood and how her love for animals began right at home, which led her to devote most of her life so far to animals. She talks about the various difficulties and challenges that a dog trainer faces while having a dog on set and advices aspiring writers and directors on the right kind of decisions to make when writing or planning for a dog in a film. Ashwin and Priya also talk about their love for dogs and their experiences with their pets, how they cope with loss and how Dogs are perhaps the most beautiful beings on the planet that have so much that human beings can learn from Resources - tinyurl.com/filmanimals --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/haveimadeityet/message

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