Mary Christa Smith - The Conscious Coalition to Build Trust, Get Buy In

Business Leaders with Soul

27-11-2022 • 31 mins

“It's impossible to make change unless you're willing to illuminate the chaos.”

Mary Christa Smith of Conscious Coalition Consulting is a lifelong Utah resident who is passionate about her land, her community and the planet.

She is dedicated to creating Conscious Coalitions that make a big impact in the wellbeing of humanity and our planet.

With decades of experience facilitating groups in diversity and inclusion training, and building alliances, Mary Christa’s approach to building Conscious Coalitions is dynamic, not prescriptive, and is informed by the situation at hand.

She is a "map maker" and trusted confidant who knows exactly how to guide visionaries on their right path to building sustainable and unshakable coalitions focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Mary Christa’s clients realize their vision, and become known for their commitment to these key principles.

Key Takeaways from the show:

  • How a conscious coalition facilitates a deep feeling of relief to the donors
  • How today’s competitive cultures undermine impact companies
  • What true collaborative facilitation of groups looks like
  • The struggles leaders face with building alliances and how to fix them
  • The Number 1 way to bring about change when dealing with many different viewpoints

Links Mentioned:

Connect with Mary Christa through her LinkedIn and direct message her to set up a complimentary call to see how you and your organization would benefit from her services.

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