Episode 44: February 12th - 18th, 1945

Letters from the Past

05-08-2020 • 7 mins

World War 2 Letters from U.S. Army Captain in Europe to his wife in Michigan.

The almost continuous rain and damp in combination with a spring thaw had played havoc with the little country roads and if we were to keep our supply lines open it was imperative that the heavy M-7's be kept off their rutted, boggy remnants.

Everything is the same.  Shirley becomes almost unbearable at times.  He always talks about what he would do.  And he always wants something.  And he knows damn well you can’t get it for him.

The weather has gone haywire again.  Wind & mud that is all you can see.  Sure wish it would freeze or dry up.  There isn’t a thing you can do in this kind of weather.

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