Food 4 Thot

Domino Sound

A multiracial mix of queer writers talk about sex, relationships, race, identity, what we like to read, and who we like to read. It's not about food — we just really like the pun. Hosted by Denne Michele Norris, Joseph Osmundson, Tommy Pico, and Fran Tirado. Produced by Domino Sound.

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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Our Editor's Take

Listeners might experience endless laughs, romance tips, and life hacks on Food 4 Thot. The fun and bold podcast has opinionated hosts who blurt out their thoughts. Anything and everything is a potential discussion topic in each irreverent episode. Even the podcast title is a joke.

While all the hosts are gay, the podcast topics are universal in many ways. The podcast's hosts include Fran Tirado, Tommy Pico, Denne Michele Norris, Joseph Osmundson. Tommy is an Indigenous poet, screen, and TV writer, while Fran is a writer and editor. Denne is also a writer and former figure skater. Joseph, aka Joe, is a scientist and nonfiction writer.

The hosts have been presiding over the podcast since its 2017 debut. The four first met at a writers' workshop in 2016, and a conversation led to the podcast the following year. The gang exudes collective charisma and have undeniable chemistry on Food 4 Thot. Jokes are nonstop, and the foursome pokes fun at each other at every opportunity. Their conversations have an irreverence that fans find appealing.

In a raunchier-than-usual episode, the hosts discuss their drag queen names. Tommy stated that his drag name is Vaseline Dion, setting off a chain of funny introductions. Guests on the show have included gay rights advocates, other podcasters, and entertainers. Poet, fiction writer, and journalist Alexander Chee drops by in one compelling episode. Other standout visitors are Whip Smart author Melissa Febos and actor and comedian Bowen Yang. Topics on Food 4 Thot include books, LGBTQIA+ culture, gay rights, fashion, and more.

The hosts respond to listener-submitted questions in the "Penny For Your Thoughts" segment. In one such segment, a listener expressed fear over a new relationship. The question led to discussions about gay marriage and lowering the stakes in a post-divorce relationship. Listeners may find helpful advice in the Food 4 Thot discussions. But if not, there are plenty of laughs.

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