#57 - Patellofemoral pain - an update on the latest literature with Claire Patella

Physio Explained by Physio Network

30-11-2022 • 18 mins

In this episode, Claire Robertson shares with us just how much impact a ‘simple’ patellofemoral pain can have on someone including correlations to anxiety, depression and fear of movement. She shares wonderful tips on how to de-threaten the pain and the crepitus as well as going into how to best help new grads stay engaged for 30 years by evolving their practice.

Claire has lectured internationally and has many research papers and editorials published in internationally peer-reviewed journals. She is also a reviewer herself for Physiotherapy Research International, Physical Therapy in Sport and Clinical Anatomy and Physiotherapy. Claire also runs her own post-graduate course on patellofemoral problems for physiotherapists.

Want to learn more about patellofemoral pain? Check out Claire's Masterclass here:


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