Comic Cuts - The Panel Show

Kev F Sutherland

A show about comic strips, comicbooks, & comic characters. Each guest brings a panel from a comic. The panel try and guess where it's from, then talk about it. Hopefully we all go away learning something about comics we didn't already know, or maybe we've just showed off a bit. Hosted by Kev F Sutherland, writer & artist for Beano and Marvel, now busy adapting Shakespeare into graphic novels. read less


Comic Cuts Trailer
Comic Cuts Trailer
Hi, I’m Kev F and I’m here to tell you about Comic Cuts The Panel Show, your new favourite podcast about comics.Every week I get two guests to bring a panel from a comic into the show. We try and guess where it’s from, then we talk comics. Sometimes we get nerdy and knowledgable, and you learn a lot about comics you’ve probably never heard of, and more often we get inspired by what we see and the conversation goes off at wild tangents.My guests so far have included comic creators like Brian Bolland, Rachel Smith of Quarantine Comix, Metaphrog, Jessica Martin, Julius Zebra’s Gary Northfield, The Beano’s Nigel Auchterlounie, Laura Howell, Rianne Rowlands & Nigel Parkinson, manga artists like Sonia Leong & Laura Watton, Comics Laureate Hannah Berry, Psycho Gran’s David Leach, Resident Alien creator Peter Hogan,  and loads of comedians including Bethany Black, Will Hodgson, Paul Kerensa, Iszi Lawrence, Doug Segal, Ashley Storrie, Juliet Burton, Juliette Myers, Susan Murray, Bennett Arron.  I’ve had The Secret History of Hollywood’s Adam Roche, and legendary singer songwriter Dean Friedman - and the guest list grows every week.And the comics they’ve brought in have ranged from Marvel and DC to The Bunty and The Eagle, from Robert Crumb to Viz, from brand new webcomics to obscure manga, indy to classic, and all points in-between. There are so many comics out there, and so much love for them.So listen in, have fun guessing what comics we’re looking at, and enjoy the conversation with this stellar cast of guests, in a show that - did I mention - is only half an hour long?Subscribe to Comic Cuts The Panel Show, wherever you get your podcasts, and we’ll see you every Friday. Expect the unexpected.