Night Faces

Half Bad Productions

Season One: Night Faces
-Half Bad Productions presents an award winning 10-episode ghostly noir. There’s a body in the woods. An otherworldly love story unfolding. A mystery propelled by grief, lust, revenge and the promise of after-life. In the small town of West Salle, the line between here and now is blurred when a young woman is murdered and those who knew her seek the unforgivable answers.

Season Two: Magda: A Night Faces Original Story.
-Magda is a coming of age story about a young woman in the 1950's who moves to a mysterious new town that claims to be the site of a miracle. When her lover goes missing she must descend into the depths of the towns long kept secrets and challenge those who keep them. Along the way Magda will discover the true meaning of good and evil and her part in it all.

Magda is a character origin story. It can be enjoyed as a standalone show or as Season Two of Night Faces.

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