#S2 - Episode 3 Holly Husler. Opening up on finding your path, miscarriage, and learning through painful experiences.


14-03-2023 • 49 mins

In this episode I am joined by Holly Husler. Holly began her career in a girl band, writing original songs and supporting Westlife at the o2. Music has always been in her soul. Feeling unaligned in her career and unhappy in her relationship she quit both and entered into a space of being broke, feeling lost, and directionless. During this dark time she found yoga which was the one saving grace that helped her through this difficult time of her life.

Holly decided to go to Thailand to embark on her 200 hours yoga teacher training and she knew that this was the path for her. She always knew that she wanted to use music in her work and she further trained in sound healing. Holly now guides people around the world back home to peace and connection through yoga and sound healing. Holly recently had her debut album 'Luminous shadow' released in 2022.

It hasn't always been plain sailing and after the pain of two miscarriages she now has a beautiful boy with her husband Adam.

Holly is a ray of light, she speaks vulnerably and honestly about her journey and she is an inspiration to anyone who feels the desire to follow their calling.

We spoke about:

  • How Holly became a member of a girlband 4.15
  • Leaving the music industry and her relationship 8.24
  • Holly's journey to Yoga 12.15
  • Coming back to music in a more aligned way 15.36
  • Going through two painful miscarriages and the emotions associated with the loss 31.50
  • Going through an ectopic pregnancy and how she still felt supported in this journey. How yoga helped her through this journey 37.30
  • How building a relationship with her body helped her to heal and eventually have a successful pregnancy. 39.00
  • How plant medicine helped her journey 46.54

You can find holly at https://hollyhusler.com/
IG - https://www.instagram.com/iamhollyhusler/

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