Eighty Percent Mental

Dr Peter Olusoga

If you‘re interested in the mental side of sport performance, this is the podcast for you. Whether you’re an athlete, a coach, a sport psychology professional, or even just a sports fan, Dr Pete Olusoga, along with his expert guests, will answer all the questions you could possibly have about the role of the mind in sport performance. Is there such a thing as a winning mindset and if so, where can I get one? Why do we get nervous, and what should we do about it? What‘s the deal with mindfulness? In each episode, Dr Pete - with the help of some special guests - will ask and answer questions like these, exploring what the research says, and highlighting lessons from sport psychology that you can use on and off the field.

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7 mins
2.15 - Super Special Bonus Winter Olympic Review!2.14 - Mental health and wellbeing in sport2.13 - The greatest sports movie of all time?2.12 - Do we deserve better from our sporting heroes?2.11 - EPM Special: Conversations on racism in sport2.10 - How do I bring psychology into the weight room?2.09 – Diversity and cultural awareness in sport - The Director‘s Cut2.08 - Pete & Hugh's Olympic Review!2.07 – What’s all this fuss over Resilience?2.06 - A&Q with Pete and Hugh... and Elliott too!2.05 - The Event vs. The Grind2.04 - How can psychology help with injuries?2.03 - How to work with/be a good sports parent?2.02 - How do we get team culture right?2.01 - How to think straight about psychology (and the problem of toxic positivity)1.13 - EPM Sidecast - Burnout and dropout - with the No Lift Powerlifting Podcast1.12 - EPM Sidecast - Coaching Burnout - with Sigma Nutrition1.11 - Ho Ho Holiday Special!EPM Extras - Winning Mindset1.10 - What's the deal with mindfulness?