Extreme Opening Offers or Demands Aren't Necessary in Order to Settle Cases in Mediation

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06-03-2023 • 1 min

As an attorney, do you ever start mediation by making an extreme opening offer or demand–one that is either really far below or really far above where your client ultimately wants to settle?

In this quick, two-minute “Thursday Tip of the Day”, Host, Jean Lawler–commercial + insurance mediator and arbitrator–talks about why attorneys don't need to make opening offers or demands that are in the "insult zone" in order to end up where they want to be.

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About the Host:

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Jean Lawler is an attorney and mediator, focusing on commercial, insurance and civil litigation matters pending at the trial and appellate levels - wherever filed. She regularly mediates a wide variety of insurance, business, and tort matters, as well as federal ADA accessibility lawsuits re architectural barriers and websites. CIPP/US (Certified Information Privacy Professional) certified, Jean also mediates matters involving data breaches, ransomware, and cyber losses. She has mediated hundreds upon hundreds - thousands - of cases over the years with a myriad of issues. For a more detailed sampling of the types of mediations that she has conducted and participated in, both when in practice and as a full-time mediator, please refer to her web page detailing Representative Matters.

Prior to becoming a full-time mediator in 2017, Jean was a Senior Partner in a Los Angeles based litigation firm, representing corporations, professionals, non-profits, individuals, and insurers in a broad range of matters, at trial and on appeal - mediating hundreds upon hundreds of cases over the years. Her legal experience has been diverse and international, and she has a deep knowledge of the insurance industry, insurance policies and the various risks they insure against (primary, excess, reinsurance, program, surplus lines, London Market, and international insurers). She also served as a Managing Partner of her former law firm, at times chairing the firm’s Insurance Law, Cyber & Privacy Law, International Law, and Business & Real Estate Transactions practice groups and, ultimately, served her many clients as counselor and trusted advisor.

As she would tell you if asked: “I absolutely love what I do! I would be honored to serve as your Mediator or Arbitrator.”

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