Fit For Duty #12: Anxiety, stress and depression – tackling workplace mental health during and after the pandemic

Fit For Duty

06-04-2021 • 52 mins

Smriti Joshi, Lead Psychologist at Wysa and Cara McNulty, Head of Behavioural Health at CVS join Lorien Norden to discuss supporting the spectrum of mental health needs in the workplace.

It’s just over a year on from the onset of the pandemic, and the world over has seen a rise of short- and long-term mental health conditions. How are organisations continuing to adapt their culture and strategies to help those with signs of low lying mental ill health, such as stress and sleep disturbances, as well as those in crisis with anxiety and depression? What promise does the future hold for providing effective, evidence-based psychosocial and mental health and well-being support? And how can organisations help their people achieve whole-person health and the balance and productivity that comes with it?

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