Fit for Duty Podcast Memo Episode - The trends and influences shaping employee health, well-being and corporate culture

Fit For Duty

21-09-2021 • 26 mins

In this special Memo episode, we’re looking back over the first half of 2021 to bring you a round-up of some of the most insightful expert opinions from our recent podcast episodes.

These excerpts shed light on some of the most notable trends and influences that will continue to shape employee health and well-being and corporate culture in the coming months and years. This includes shifts in attitudes towards health care tech, self-care, the influence of social connectedness on our health and changes to duty of care, corporate culture and business leadership. Guests on this episode include:

  • Dr Hemal Desai, Global Medical Director, Aetna International
  • Simon Miller, Senior Director of Customer Proposition, Aetna International
  • Smriti Joshi, Lead Psychologist, Wysa
  • Cara McNulty, Head of Behavioural Health, CVS
  • Jesse Lahey, workplace health consultant, podcaster and author
  • Nicolai Tillish, Executive Leadership Coach and author.

Aetna International is a global health and wellness benefits provider, but we're more than just an insurance safety net. Our skill lies in delivering the tools, services and resources that help drive health care costs down and people's health and well-being up.
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