John McNally PhD - Award-Winning Author, Screenwriter, Lecturer, English Professor

Why I‘ll Never Make It

10-12-2018 • 51 mins

As the school year winds down, a Ph.D joins the podcast once again, this time to talk about fiction writing and The Promise of Failure. The most recent book from John Mcnally is a collection of lectures and essays he's given to writing students about the certainty of rejection and how best to handle it and move on from it.  I mean, what better guest and topic are there for the Why I'll Never Make It podcast?? He shares how he combats writer's block and why acting and theater play a vital role in his own writing as well as how he teaches his students. Follow John on Instagram. ---------- Subscribe to get access to bonus episodes and extra content   Make a one-time Donation to support transcripts and podcast production If you’d like to support WINMI but have limited funds to do so, then contact me directly for reduced-price or even free access to the bonus content. Follow WINMI: Website | Instagram | YouTube Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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