Fractional Leadership: Landing Executive Talent with Ben Wolf

The Business Elevation Show with Chris Cooper - Be More. Achieve More

09-02-2024 • 1 hr

Join us for an illuminating interview with Ben Wolf, the trailblazing founder of Wolf’s Edge Integrators – the world’s premier Fractional COO firm. We will discuss how Ben tackled a common but daunting challenge faced by numerous entrepreneurs: the complexity of scaling a business without the capital for a full-time, elite Chief Operating Officer (COO). In this conversation, we’ll delve into Ben’s journey from being entangled in the operational intricacies of his own start-up to spearheading a movement that empowering business owners across America. Also how he facilitates businesses to operate autonomously, allowing owners to step back from day-to-day operations and strategize for the future. Ben will share insights from his best-selling book, “Fractional Leadership: Landing Executive Talent You Thought Was Out of Reach,” providing a deep dive into the essence of fractional executive leadership, its implementation, and its myriad benefits. Join us if you are an entrepreneur, current business owner, consultant or interested in innovative models that are transforming the landscape of executive management.