Episode 184: The Younger Dryas - Heaven Pre-Adamic Flood: The Creation of Three Heavens through God's Wrath

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06-05-2024 • 55 mins

Episode 184: The Younger Dryas - Heaven Pre-Adamic Flood: The Creation of Three Heavens through God's Wrath


Around 12,900 years ago, the Earth experienced a cooling period known as the Younger Dryas. This cooling led to widespread flooding, which some experts speculate may have been global. One theory suggests that the flooding was caused by an impact event that melted large ice sheets and triggered the cooling period. However, this theory is only sometimes accepted. We will explore if there is any evidence of such an event in the Bible and if it is related to the flood of Noah or something else. We conclude our series by exploring the possibility that the Younger Dryas resulted from a pre-Adamic flood.

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Lori Breedlove, James Kueffer, Eric Lopez, Karin Last, Beth Moench, and Kathleen Navin


All Scripture references are from the King James Version of the Bible.

Genesis 1:6-8, Revelation 12:7-9, Revelation 12:10-12, Genesis 11:4, Isaiah 17:12-13, Psalm 77:16-20, Revelation 12:13-16, Deuteronomy 32:20-22, Hosea 5:15, Romans 11:25


שָׁמַיִם šāmayim Heaven or sky

מַיִם mayim Water

יִם yām Sea

שֵׁם šēm Name


The Younger Dryas was possibly the flood of Genesis 1:2. Three heavens resulted from God’s wrath pouring out on the earth, and the fallen angelic rebellion polluted the heavens. Noah’s flood was much more recent, according to the Scriptures. There is no need to push back the date of Noah’s flood to match the Younger Dryas. The word heaven in Hebrew, Samayim, contains the three heavens in plural, but it was not originally so. Just as Elohim is plural, but He is the God of creation composed of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, so the word should be correctly translated as “heaven” in Genesis 1:1, foreshadowing the three heavens that God would form due to wrath.

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