EP34: What Is The Role Of Marketing Technology In Lead Generation?

Leader Generation

11-04-2022 • 35 mins

Are you struggling to get leads? Are you looking for ways to improve your sales funnel? If yes, then you should definitely join us to explore the role of marketing technology in lead generation.

Marketing technology has become a crucial part of every company’s strategy. From CRM software and email marketing platforms to analytics and automation tools, technology plays a vital role in improving the efficiency and performance of your marketing campaigns.

Technical demand generation marketer and returning guest, Hana Jacover, joins Tessa Burg on this episode of Lead(er) Generation. She answers questions and provides tips on how marketers can leverage the power of marketing technology to generate leads.

About Hana Jacover:

Hana Jacover is the Chief Hype Officer at Hype House Consulting & Coaching. She is a technical demand generation marketer with a proven track record of strategies and programs that accelerate revenue.

Hana has deep experience in the optimization of high-performance tactics and marketing automation technologies that build and measure the pipeline. She also has a thorough understanding of marketing strategy as well as data, attribution and execution.