Generative Worlding

Generating this world, and new worlds, through relationship.

In every action, in every way we are ‘being’ in the world, in every way we meet each other, we are generating this world; and new worlds. From this perspective, every meeting is an opportunity to step more greatly into personal and shared responsibility. read less
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'Relational dojo's with Daphne van Run
'Relational dojo's with Daphne van Run
Daphne van Run emanates a deep connection to her environment, her experience of the present moment, and her self. She holds many roles where these qualities are embodied and utilised, including as a facilitator and as a leadership coach, guiding authentic connection and communication and supporting social entrepreneurship and conscious workplaces. A core theme of her work with individuals is the activation of right relationship to self and others through meeting 'what is' in the moment. Her group work within organisations often involves the activation and facilitation of sustainable change through the engagement of multiple stakeholdersThis episode’s conversation was sparked by a relational space that Daphne is facilitating in Exeter: ‘Relational Dojo’s, drawing on Daphne’s extensive experience with Circling, Authentic Relating, coaching, change management, and group facilitation. We followed the conversation into our relationship with and response to complexity, the social field - and the impact of physical space on the social field -, why we both struggled in traditionally-organised and -managed businesses, what a ‘Relational Dojo’ is and why Daphne is called to steward and spark them, and so much more.You can learn more about Daphne’s background and current work focuses by heading to her website, her LinkedIn page, or her Instagram page. And you can reach out to Daphne directly at Get full access to Generative Worlding at