5 Reasons You're Not Rich Yet

Money Making Moms

05-07-2022 • 12 mins

Let me get one thing straight: money is NOT the root of evil.  Money becomes whatever we choose to use it for, good or bad. It’s high time to stop hating money and start looking at it with a new vision. There are things we believed in the past that are no longer helping us become who we want to be. It’s time for a paradigm shift and start looking at the HUGE potential money can bring into our lives. Better yet, it’s time to start looking inside ourselves and realize all the amazing things we can accomplish and contribute to the world IF money is NOT a problem.

Ever had that time in your life when a friend came knocking, she was in such a financial bind that you badly needed to scrimp the last cent out of your pocket. But lo and behold, you just used your last penny in the grocery if only she came to you a few seconds sooner. Let me tell you this: it’s only those who have MORE who are capable of GIVING more. So, stop blocking money from entering your life and start stretching your arms wide so it can overflow.

The only way for you to get out of poverty is to be abundant.

- Kyrsti Snyder

In This Episode:

- Get to know the 5 common money blockers and identify which of them you’re guilty with

- You can be humble while making more money than the dude next door

- Money can also grow on trees if you allow it to

- Newsflash: Rich people are NOT bad

- Hear  this wonderful news: YOU can talk wealth into your life

- If you want your money to increase exponentially, treat money the way you treat your best friend

- It’s NOT about WHAT the money brings, it's WHO you become in the process

- Here’s an effective way to stop resisting what money can bring you…

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