Persistence Trumps Talent

Money Making Moms

30-06-2022 • 10 mins

I have yet to hear of anyone who lost from being persistent but I know a whole lot about those who lost because they gave up just when the race was almost over. With anything in life, be it your marriage, your career, or your personal goals, you need to uphold the spirit of not giving up. Babe Ruth couldn’t have said it any better, “you just can’t beat the person who never gives up.” So, if you want to guarantee your wins, you need to, first, guarantee your commitment and persistence.

The worst thing that can haunt you in your golden years is the regret that comes with the could-have-been. In my previous episode, I encouraged you to play the ‘what if game” positively. Quitting is not a part of it. Declare to yourself and your dreams that there’s no stopping YOU from pursuing your best life because you deserve it. Begin today and never stop until you achieve it because YOU CAN! Persistence always trumps talent.

How can you expect to have money work for you if you either never start, or worse, you start and then you quit?” - Kyrsti Snyder

In This Episode:

- Define persistence

- Learn how the concept of losing weight works similarly to the concept of making money online

- These are the things that create success in making money online…

- Realize what puts you in the mood for pursuing success

- Increase your desire for MORE by taking these steps…

- The formula of making 5-figure a month is right at your fingertips

- These are the things you need to start today to start making your own money…

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