Employee voice and silence in healthcare and the role of profession with Victoria Lister

The Mind Full Medic Podcast

03-10-2023 • 1 hr 39 mins

In S4 E11 I am delighted to welcome Victoria Lister to the podcast.  Victoria has an extensive background in hospitality, advertising and the non-profit sector.  She is PhD researcher in the Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources and the Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing at Griffith University. Her PhD research is in the area of employee voice and silence in healthcare. It examines what junior doctors do and don't speak up about at work and why, with a special interest in the professional forces that shape junior doctor silence.  Victoria also researches the voice and silence experiences of early career academics; works on health workforce wellbeing initiatives; has a 'side hustle' as a designer and retailer of women's active and underwear; and will soon offer coaching as a path to voice for junior doctors who are MDs, PhDs. or both.
In this conversation Victoria discusses her research work and defines employee voice and silence within the context of the healthcare environment. She describes the different lenses through which employee voice in healthcare can be viewed and expressed e.g patient safety and employee working conditions.  We discuss in more detail her qualitative research with doctors and the junior doctor cohort in particular.  Victoria explores the  role of profession and culture and the so-called "hidden curriculum" of medicine and the barriers this can create to speaking up.  Many core podcast themes and topics are re-visited in this, at times, hard to hear but crucial conversation.  I am nevertheless encouraged by the hopeful pockets of excellence we highlight and the power of collective voice and momentum. Thank you Victoria.

Victoria Lister

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