What can a derm do for rosacea? What can an esthetician do for rosacea

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11-04-2023 • 33 mins

What A Dermatologist and Esthetician Can Do For Rosacea Now that you know the facts you might be pretty sure you have rosacea, so what can you do about it? We know picking a successful course of action can be overwhelming. Luckily, you have two experts at your fingertips - and in your ears! Our Master Esthetician, Trina Renea, shares how a good esthetician can help you with your diagnosis process and what your next steps should be. Joining Trina is our Beverly Hills Dermatologist, Dr. Vicki Rapaport, who explains how a dermatologist can treat rosacea topically, orally, and with lasers. Before you decide on a plan of action, get the skinny on what professionals can do to help you get control of this most-challenging skin disorder. You don't have to suffer from rosacea when you get the right care. For more information about rosacea, including materials to help you understand and track rosacea flare-ups, please visit the National Rosacea Society's website at rosacea.org.

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