A Functional Approach: The Burnout Bible with Rachel Philpotts

The Goode Health Podcast

09-10-2023 • 50 mins

Rachel Philpotts is the Founder and Clinical Director of the re:Nutrition Functional Medicine Clinic, which utilises root cause testing and ultra-personalised health programmes to help tired and wired career women to wake up feeling energised, focussed and ready to fulfil their true potential. She holds an MSc in personalised nutrition alongside qualifications in functional medicine and neuro-linguistic programming.

Rachel is also a health writer and has contributed to publications such as BBC Good Food. She recently published her first book The Burnout Bible: How to tackle fatigue and emotional overwhelm naturally, which instantly became a #1 Amazon Hot Release in 7 medical and health categories. Rachel's scientific research into stress, alterations in brain chemistry and major depressive disorder was published by The Journal of Affective Disorders Reports.

In this episode, Nicole invites Rachel onto the show to discuss her book, her perspective on burnout, the lifestyle changes we can make in our lives, as well as the four key pillars Rachel teaches within the book for taking back control and overcoming fatigue.

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  • [02:20] - Rachel’s backstory and why she decided to specialise in burnout
  • [07:30] - Rachel’s perspective on burnout and what can contribute to it
  • [12:16] - Why has burnout become a hot topic in the health world in recent years?
  • [15:05] - The connection between cortisol and thyroids when addressing at burnout
  • [23:00] - The difference between grain fed and grass fed animals and why it’s about quality when it comes to your diet
  • [29:11] - The link between stress and the Mitochondria, and how it impacts our bodies
  • [31:57] - Why methylation is so important in burnout
  • [34:14] - The Burnout Bible’s four pillars and what they each individually stand for


  • The Burnout Bible and the four key pillars Rachel teaches
  • The other elements that contribute to burnout and how to address them
  • There isn’t just one ‘healthy’ approach to our diet - it’s about what works for you
  • The impact sticking to your habits consistently and making them a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix


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