Beyond the Spotlight: Leading a Nourishing Life with Emma Forbes

The Goode Health Podcast

20-11-2023 • 1 hr 11 mins

Emma Forbes is a radio and television presenter, with a career spanning several decades. Forbes became a familiar face in the UK during her appearance as the host of Live & Kicking, and What’s Up, Doc? on BBC One. Emma continues to be a respected figure in the world of British broadcasting, leaving an unforgettable mark on the industry.

In this episode, Nicole invites Emma onto the show to discuss life after the limelight, how life and social media has changed since her broadcasting days, her experience with suffering with anxiety, and what she does to live a life on her terms.

DISCLAIMER: The content in this podcast and related website is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. It is not intended to be used to diagnose or treat, instead it is designed to help educate and inspire. Always seek the advice of a professional medical practitioner or qualified health practitioner. Never ignore or disregard advice given to you based on information in this podcast or related website and do not delay in seeking medical advice.


  • [03:11] - The beginning of Emma’s career and how times have changed
  • [12:54] - Social media and why perfection doesn’t exist
  • [14:11] - Enjoying full fat foods without the guilt and no ‘skinny’ alternatives
  • [26:37] - Dealing with travel anxiety, menopause and coping mechanisms
  • [40:55] - Emma’s Rant and Rave Series and why it was so important for her during Covid
  • [47:25] - Staying away from Dr. Google and not following restrictive eating habits
  • [01:02:29] - Emma’s self care non-negotiables


  • The impact social media has on our lives in today’s society
  • Emma’s coping mechanisms for anxiety
  • Following what works for YOU and not what other people are doing
  • Why everyone should be actively making time for self care


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