Gluten and Intestinal Permeability

The Goode Health Podcast

26-06-2023 • 29 mins

For people who suffer with autoimmune diseases, having a gluten-free diet can significantly help with symptoms and lessen the immune reaction. However, gluten-free diets have also become a bit of a trend in recent years, with people removing gluten from their diets, without really knowing if they truly need to or not.

In this episode, Nicole deep dives into the topic of gluten and intestinal permeability. Nicole explains who is more susceptible to gluten intake reactions, the type of foods and drinks that include gluten and how it affects the gut barrier. Nicole also focuses on how to address and approach intestinal permeability, as well as how you can start the healing process if this is something you struggle with.

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  • [01:07] - What gluten actually is
  • [02:26] - The role gliadin plays when it comes to immune reactions
  • [06:04] - Does everyone need to become gluten free to be healthy?
  • [06:31] - Gluten and autoimmune diseases
  • [06:58] - What Coeliac disease is and what triggers the reaction
  • [07:57] - Common symptoms of gluten immune reactions, and others you may not immediately think of
  • [11:30] - Research now shows that gluten affects the gut barrier in certain individuals
  • [13:52] - Intestinal Permeability and what it is
  • [15:13] - The association between the increased intestinal permeability and autoimmune diseases
  • [17:15] - Immune system dysregulation and when it occurs
  • [19:42] - The three other things that can affect the integrity of the intestinal lining
  • [20:41] - The approach to managing intestinal permeability
  • [21:26] - How you can start healing intestinal permeability
  • [24:47] - One mistake a lot of people make when buying supplements
  • [25:48] - Addressing gut dysbiosis and how you can improve it


  • What gluten actually is and how it can affect your body
  • The association between gluten, intestinal permeability and autoimmune diseases
  • Three things that can affect the integrity of the intestinal lining
  • How you can manage and start to heal intestinal permeability


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