Hold Me Back: Son and Father Change the Conversation

Aidan and Ash ElDifrawi

Gen X and Gen Z live together, but we occupy different worlds. As the generational gap widens and conventional wisdom on parenting and education fails, is it even possible to understand one another? In this unique son-and-father podcast, Aidan and Ash ElDifrawi hash out a new contract between generations, forcing them to violate comfort zones on today’s most charged topics: social media and screen time, bullying and loneliness, inequality and privilege, sex and drugs, education and etiquette, even politics, religion, and sports. All to uncover a path toward greater harmony and a hopeful future for the next generation read less

Our Editor's Take

Different generations often experience a cultural divide. The Hold Me Back: Son and Father Change the Conversation podcast features a father and son bridging this generational gap. Son and father Aidan and Ash ElDifrawi share their thoughts on various social issues.

The interplay of generations on the podcast offers an interesting dynamic. Aidan is an insightful young man with a refreshing perspective. He isn't afraid to challenge societal norms and advocate for progressive change. Ash is a seasoned and contemplative father with a nuanced and tempered approach. Together, the son and father foster an open and profound discussion.

On Hold Me Back, divergent opinions are welcome. Aidan and Ash share a genuine desire to find common ground on the most important social topics. They don't avoid difficult or taboo issues on the podcast. For more complex matters, they bring experts and academics to interview.

Some important subjects Aidan and Ash examine include race, religion, and education. They also discuss more specific topics, such as gambling and swearing. What ensues is a thought-provoking conversation. Discussions on the show connect the two generations represented.

Aidan and Ash set out to take conversations beyond surface-level disagreements. Hold Me Back is their attempt to be impartial about differences of opinion. The hosts take a respectful approach to divisive topics. They keep preconceived notions in check and try to come to a better understanding.

The format of the show is loose and easy to listen to. The conversations on Hold Me Back: Son and Father Change the Conversation are open and exploratory. The son and father duo delivers an engaging combination of perspectives. Anyone looking to break generational assumptions might find an interesting debate here. Episodes air monthly and are about an hour long.

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