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Fiberco Telco Partnership/Investment Opportunity
Fiberco Telco Partnership/Investment Opportunity
SummaryFiberco is an innovative company that builds ultra-fast and affordable fibre optic networks. The founder, Jake Berry, shares the story behind Fiberco and explains the motivation behind launching the business. He also discusses his experience in the industry and his passion for building fibre-optic infrastructure. Berry explains how Fiberco works, including their focus on high-density metropolitan areas and their process of building networks over existing infrastructure. He also highlights the opportunities in new developments and the potential for Fiberco to become the carrier of choice for developers. Berry discusses the ideal partner or investor for Fiberco and the expansion opportunities across Australia. He emphasises the importance of experience and money in the industry. Prospective investors are encouraged to contact Jake Berry directly.TakeawaysFiberco was founded in 2017 with the goal of building ultra-fast and affordable fibre optic networks.Jake Berry has extensive experience in building fibre infrastructure and networks, including working with NBN.Fiberco focuses on high-density metropolitan areas and builds networks over existing infrastructure.There are significant opportunities in new developments, and Fiberco aims to become the carrier of choice for developers.The ideal partner or investor for Fiberco would have experience in sales and the construction industry.Expansion opportunities for Fiberco exist across Australia, including in regional and remote locations.Experience and money are crucial in the industry, and Fibreco aims to leverage both to succeed.Prospective investors can contact Jake Berry directly for more information.Chapters00:00The Story Behind Fiberco01:04Jake Berry's Experience in the Industry02:21How Fiberco Works03:53Opportunities for New Developments05:13Ideal Partner or Investor06:27Expansion Opportunities Across Australia08:48The Combination of Experience and Money09:18Contact Information for Prospective Investors