Could Fast Shipping Direct from China Be the Future Last Mile Shipping → Izzy Rosenzweig

2X eCommerce Podcast

05-09-2023 • 40 mins

On today’s episode, Kunle is joined by Izzy Rosenzweig, CEO of Portless, a D2C logistics firm with faster lead times and more cost-efficient delivery fees.

Izzy is a third generation of businessmen with very humble beginnings. His grandfather was Holocaust survivor with his entire family killed in Poland. When he went to Canada, he started a dress manufacturing business with nothing but experience. The company went well for over 30 years. Izzy’s father also joined the company, which opened Izzy’s eyes in the world of business and hardwork.

The idea of Portless started when Izzy saw the evolution of the logistics business, especially on the innovation that started in the 1980s. With the help of ex-Alibaba execs, Izzy was able to turn Portless from an idea to one of the fastest and cheapest D2C logistics internationally. They only take, on average, 6 to 8 days from ordering to being delivered to the customer which contributes to the best customer experiences and as a business, a faster cashflow.

It’s an insightful episode as you’d hear Kunle and Izzy talk more about logistics model, packaging and lead times, quality control, tax implications of logistics in different countries, and the opportunities in international logistics.



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