How to Create an In-House Product & Creative Agency → Kasper Sierslev

2X eCommerce Podcast

24-10-2023 • 46 mins

On today’s episode, Kunle is joined by Kasper Sierslev, CCO of Zite, a platform that helps build in-house agencies so brands can utilize and maximize resources in an efficient manner.

Heading the creative team of Maersk and a background in jazz music, Kasper marks the start of his colorful journey to be one of the builders of Zite. His deep understanding of the world of creatives enables him to provide valuable insights to brands and companies. He knows that by hiring the right people and setting aside time for the creative teams to breathe and find inspiration, the team can come together to produce high-quality work and foster an environment of creativity and innovation.

Using Zite as an agency-building tool, brands can create in-house agencies of their own. Companies can take advantage of Zite's platform to utilize talents and resources efficiently. Zite's platform also provides insights and analytics to help companies make the best decisions for their business.

It’s an interesting episode as you’d hear Kunle and Kasper talk more about building an in-house agency, allocating staff, balancing between in-house staff and external agency, setting a workflow organization, and a fascinating story about a ring sizer app.



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