Between Two Tones: The Official Podcast of /r/TennesseeTitans

Between Two Tones

This podcast is centered not only on the Tennessee Titans, but also the incredible /r/TennesseeTitans subreddit. Every week we will discuss the Tennessee Titans from the perspective of some Titans fans who have followed this team and its subreddit a little too closely for most of our lives. Follow this podcast on Twitter: @BetweenTwoTones. Follow us on Twitter: /u/trick96: @trick096 /u/_COWBOY_DAN: @DeathByMunky /u/that_guy2010: @Levi_150 Join the subreddit at Edited by Rob (/u/ReAlignTitan, @RobAwesome89) Cover art by Patrick Sams (@patmansams). RIP Neely. Support this podcast: read less