Adventurers of Animoxia - Tales of the Classy Cutthroats

Owen van Tonder and the AoA cast

Welcome to the Adventurers of Animoxia Podcast, the only dnd podcast where everyone and anyone could be lying to you. A podcast built on lies and quick thinking but run by a bunch of idiots in disguise really. read less


Tales of the Classy Cutthroats - Trailer
Tales of the Classy Cutthroats - Trailer
In a world of lies and a universe of troubles it's impossible to know the truth without a couple of tricks. Welcome to Adventurers of Animoxia - Tales of the Classy Cutthroats, the only DND podcast where anyone and everyone you meet along the way could be lying. Join us as we journey through Animoxia, a world where magic and hypocrisy run deep, navigating the deep waters of politics in a time of great unrest known as the War of The Gods. The nobles fight amongst themselves for power as the seedy underworld takes advantage of their disorganization. Priests and clergy are shunned for the actions of their forgotten gods leaving them scattered and fearful. The ambitions of great industrial revolutions in the cities of Herskan and Balckston smothered by Mevanka the goddess of life and death, the first scarred and the later in rubble as thousands flee to surrounding continents. And in a time like this even those in power take to the shadows for shelter as one after another conspiracies of war and rebellion arise across the lands. The great dragon empire of Kandra and dwarvish kings of Barchechudsol form an alliance in preparation for their invasion of the southlands. As the tension rises so too do the acts of tyranny and violence, brought into the spotlight when a great feast in Mynar is poisoned by a figure known as Conan Blackstone, a name notorious with the underworld. But he is just one piece in the great plan. There was a spanner in the works for Blackstone, as an unlikely trio of guests took up magic and blade, stopping his assassination attempt and saving the king. As the three venture out in search of those responsible, they raid one of Blackstone’s warehouses and discover a tome capable of making a mortal god. However, some delve too deep and are dragged away in the dark undercurrents never to be seen again. But where death looms so too do new friends as an unlikely contact joins the group and leads them in search of a man named Shinrav Talon in the mega city of Larxan. From the peaks of Culmandora to the brittle plateaus of Madoal, the heroes scour the land for answers they need and the things that they have lost to Blackstone.