Babe Magnet

An Ounce

19-05-2023 • 4 mins

Have you ever heard the name Joseph Figlock? There is an amazing story to tell here, as he was a babe magnet like no other.

Not even Giacomo Casanova can rival the remarkable story of Joseph Figlock.

Mr. Figlock live in Detroit, Michigan in the late 1930s. He did not seem to be especially remarkable. At the time he came to this man was noticed he was a Middle-aged man, who wore glasses, whose hairline was beginning to recede. He wasn’t famous, rich, or powerful. He was not remarkable smart, or even a beguiling conversationalist.

He was an employee of the public works department for the city of Detroit. His job – street sweeper. Yet the man proved to be a real babe magnet – but not perhaps in the way you might think.

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