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Good Morrow! We're Dungeons and Dragons players, Mandi and Katie, and we're talking about our introduction to DND and how our new lifelong love of the game and ultimately, lifestyle, came to be! Join us as we laugh at our preconceived notions of DND and our obsession over it now.

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World building and homebrewing with our DM | TTRPG Homebrew | Good Morrow Podcast Ep. 14
World building and homebrewing with our DM | TTRPG Homebrew | Good Morrow Podcast Ep. 14
Good Morrow! Drum role please ******** for our DM!!! Kris Bennett!! This episode he tells all! The good, the bad, and the ugly of the hefty role of WORLD BUILDING and HOMEBREWING in your own TTRPG. Buckle up ladies and gents- and take some notes. ;DNew YouTube Podcast weekly New Podcast on Podcast apps (audio) Wednesdays @ 4:00 AM EST (and any other time we feel so inspired!) Our Good Morrow Entertainment family, will be posting new content every week, so subscribe to stay informed! SOCIAL INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: LISTEN ON Spotify: Apple Podcasts : IHeartRadio: OUR HISTORY Good Morrow! We're D&D players and fantasy enthusiasts, Mandi and Katie. We started playing Dungeons and Dragons with our husbands in 2020 and it has since evolved into Good Morrow Entertainment. We see you. We hear you. We are just like you: Fathers, Mothers, businessmen , businesswomen, wives, husbands, educators, SAHP, educators, and good looking individuals, we might add. ;D We are your people. We are your tribe. Join with us! We want to show everyone that ANYONE can play their TTRPG or any hobby and be proud of it! We'll give our two cents and suggestions on game play, character choices, classes, races, and all things DND as well as other fantasy content. If you have friends who are trepidatious about playing, show them our videos and we’ll vanquish all their preconceived notions! Thus, allowing you to finally delve into the adventurous, magical, incredible world, of DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS!