The Transformative Impact of Community-Driven Marathon Events with Nick Kershaw

Business of Endurance

20-03-2024 • 46 mins

In this episode, Charlie and Claire welcome Nick Kershaw, founder of Impact Marathons. The conversation includes details about the origin and evolution of their community-driven marathon events. Initially working in finance, Nick sought a meaningful way to contribute to projects in Uganda, leading to the concept of Impact Marathons. These events combine marathon running with impactful community projects, such as building a water pipeline in Nepal or supporting youth leaders in Guatemala. Impact Marathons aim to create sustainable social impact, fostering a deep connection between participants and local communities. The conversation touches on the logistical challenges of organising such unique events, and the profound personal transformations experienced by participants. Nick emphasises the power of running and community engagement to enact positive change and the lasting impact these experiences have on participants and communities alike.


  • The Origin Story of Impact Marathons
  • From Finance to Philanthropy: The Birth of a Unique Marathon Concept
  • The First Steps in Uganda: Launching the Impact Marathon Movement
  • Expanding Horizons: The Evolution of Impact Marathons
  • Deepening Community Engagement: A Shift in Approach
  • Transformative Experiences: The Personal Impact of Participation
  • Challenges and Triumphs: Building a Business with Purpose
  • The Global Footprint: Impact Marathons Around the World
  • The Power of Community: Making Every Race Special
  • Inspiring Change: The Lasting Impact on Participants and Communities
  • Trailblazing Women in Trail Running
  • Balancing Finances and Sustainability in Business
  • Family Adventures and Safety Measures
  • The Future of Impact Marathons and Community Engagement

Contact Nick Kershaw: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram

Nick Kershaw is the visionary founder of the Impact Marathon Series, an initiative that embodies the transformative power of running. In 2015, Nick embarked on a journey that would not only change his life but also the lives of communities around the globe. Inspired by the United Nations' 17 Global Goals, Nick saw an opportunity to make these lofty objectives tangible and relatable, asking critical questions about their real-world implications. Nick's leadership has guided the series to remarkable heights, raising over $1.3 million for grassroots organisations and directly impacting thousands of lives. Nick's story is a testament to the belief that running is more than a sport—it's a powerful force for global change and community connection.

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