Professor Laura Serrant OBE

Empowering True Strength

30-06-2020 • 1 hr 11 mins

As part of my Empowering True Strength project, I'm featuring interviews that dig deep into how people succeed and I was delighted to interview Professor Laura Serrant OBE

(00:24) Who is Laura Serrant?

(01:24) What has your journey been?

(53:04) Let’s talk about strengths

(59:20) What’s it like to be you?

(62:05) What's your approach to wellbeing and self-care?

(66:57) Where are you online?

(67:50) Messages to younger self and others?

You can find Laura online:


@lauraserrant on Twitter


'Speaking for Ourselves' podcast

(Music licensed from the very talented Isaac Indiana)