BSS3 – Thank you for the music, business operations setup

Blue Sky Stinking

28-02-2019 • 21 mins

Timings 0:27 - Scene 2.1 Like a Dog with a Bone 5:54 - Discussion 6:02 - Naming a company 7:42 - Structuring an organisation 11:43 - Business Banking 12:20 - Social Media 14:30 - Business Advice Books 17:17 - Other advisory services 17:45 - Business Networking Groups Useful Information Company naming, structure and business operations setup (@6:02) Search the UK Companies House Register Business Name Builder (Spotify) Multiple keyword domain checker (NameMesh) Domain Search (InstantDomainSearch) Coming up with a company Name (VistaPrint Blog) The Psychology of Colour in Branding article (HelpScout) Foreign Word Safety *Not Secure* Trademark Register Search Choosing the Right Business Structure article (CompaniesHouse) Small Business Money Saving Article (MoneySavingExpert) Social Media Courses (@12:20) The Six o'clock Club Events (Eventbrite) Recommended Books and magazines (@14:30) Start with Why by Si

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