049 Announcing #HANX and #CruiseClub

Watch The Theron: The Charlize Theron Podcast

02-11-2018 • 13 mins

#WatchTheTheron officially wraps up Phase I in two weeks with the Chrome Teeth (voting is still open!), so it's time to reveal what we're doing as a follow-up to our Charlize Theron podcast. Today, we're announcing #HANX for the Memories and #CruiseClub! This episode's a quickie, but we're back next week with a reflection on #WatchTheTheron (as well as our rankings of all of Charlize's films), then back a week later for the Chrome Teeth! Here's your homework: go vote (again!) for the Chrome Teeth, then subscribe to #HANX and #CruiseClub. Our journeys begin in January! Vote on the Chrome Teeth at www.cageclub.me/chrome Email us: watch@cageclub.me

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