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We're Stacy & Kirby. Kirby is a tattoo artist and loves fashion and Stacy is a content creator with a passion for photography, videography and starting his journey of being self employed. We've been having some great chats together lately and we wanted to create a space for you to sit in with us and listen in on the topics we discuss. Often it's about pop culture, sport, fashion, art, content, business advice, relationship discussions, well-being all mixed in with laughter and a good vibe. We'd love for you to join us and come on this journey as we create this space in the Flagship Gallery for everyone to check out and explore. That's us! Stacy & Kirby read less
Be Better Than Yesterday | Eps 8
Be Better Than Yesterday | Eps 8
Get ready to dive into some real talk about leveling up and owning our greatness in our latest episode. Listen as we lay down our personal journeys and share some wisdom about how to be better than you were yesterday.  We’re gonna take you on a ride through our paths to health and wellbeing. We’re sharing the highs, lows, and everything in between. Get ready to feel motivated and ready to make some moves. From building up healthier habits to keeping your mind in check with mindfulness. We’re all about those small steps that lead to those big changes. Ain't no need for perfection, it's all about progress. Together, we’re breaking down self-love, celebrating the Ws, and bouncing back from the Ls. We’re speaking straight to anyone who's aiming to rise up, heal, and shine. We hope to inspire and have you ready to step up and own your journey. If you're all about that self-improvement hustle, you gotta check out this chat. It's real, it's raw, and it's gonna have you ready to tackle each day with a new energy, ready to be better than yesterday. Don't forget to hit that like, subscribe, and smack that notification bell, so you don't miss the upcoming gems. Let's roll together and become the best versions of ourselves, one day at a time!  You can also watch on our YouTube channel - #LevelUpSquad #OwnYourJourney #WellnessVibes #GrowthMindset #StayMotivated As always, thank you for rocking with us!  We truly appreciate you!  Kirby and Stace!  Peace