Finding and Refinding Your Partner in Space and Time: Alignment Skills

Love on the Air - Podcast of The Whole Parent

20-02-2020 • 12 mins

As We Travel Alone

As I am alone, my dialogue is very self-centered. I can be prayerful, thankful, and meditative. I can sit in my own peace and my own power and be content with my life. I am alone.

And as I am alone my story begins picking up new facets, new opportunities, new fascinations that I am unable to share with my partner. I might have a nightly check-in, or a tuck-in text while I am away on my trip, but the time allowed does not provide the opportunity to share my growing momentum, my good or challenging events, my path begins diverging and heading off into the mountains alone, like a speeding train whistling in the freezing winter night. I am the only one who hears my whistle. At this same time my partner has got her own train, rocketing into the valley below, also picking up momentum and shining her beaming light in new directions. We are traveling in different directions. Our souls, while “in each other all the time” are also gaining distance and momentum while apart.

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