Where Does Analytics Fit Into a Marketing Strategy? | With Dara Fitzgerald

The Strategic Marketing Show

07-02-2023 • 21 mins

How much attention should you be paying to your analytics? And how should analytics be best utilized as part of your marketing strategy? That's what we're discussing today with a man who's been working with Google Analytics for 15 years. And over the past few years, he's consulted, trained, and spoken at conferences about how to optimize your use of analytics.

His focus now is on his business, Measurelab, to become the world's favorite Digital Analytics Consultancy. A warm welcome to the Strategic Marketing Show, Dara Fitzgerald.

[You can find Dara over at measurelab.co.uk.]

Topics discussed on this episode include:

  • How has the role that analytics plays in the marketing technology stack changed over the past few years?
  • How should non-technical marketing professionals interact with analytics?
  • What ongoing relationship should senior, general marketers have with analytics professionals?
  • What are the key tracking opportunities and metrics to be aware of?
  • Analytics platforms can seem complicated - is there an easy way to take key data out of analytics platforms and display them in an easy-to-access way?
  • How are analytics platforms continuing to evolve?