🐟 Stories for Kids Read Aloud 🐟 Disney Finding Nemo and the Tank Gang [ READ ALONG VIDEO ON SPOTIFY ]

Storytime with K - Kid Story Podcast

30-08-2023 • 11 mins

Welcome! 🐟 Today, listen to K read aloud Disney Finding Nemo Nemo and the Tank Gang by Amy Edgar ( ages 3 - 8 ). Every weekday, we will read aloud a new kids book.

Disney Finding Nemo Nemo and the Tank Gang was illustrated by the Disney Storybook Artists. This book was published by Disney Press in 2010. Join us tomorrow to hear a new kids book read aloud by K!

Thank you for tuning in to Storytime with K. In this space, we will read aloud your favorite kids books with new episodes posted Monday through Friday! Whether you use reading time to help build reading skills, learn English, or help your little ones fall asleep, this podcast has exactly what you need.

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VIDEO OPTION AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE - Learn to read, learn English, or simply enjoy the illustrations in the book!

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