Episode 4, Part 1: The Future of Work

Designing a Humane Future

14-04-2022 • 54 mins

In this two-part episode, the focus is the future of work. In part one, we’ll explore how technology and the economic impacts of the pandemic are shaping jobs now and the opportunities in the future. You’ll hear from experts who help us unpack the current trends we are seeing in the labour market. In part two, we will focus on universal basic income as an innovation that can address uncertainties in the labour market and ensure everyone has the basics they need to live. We’ll look at the impact of Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot and learn about how a proposed basic income plan can contribute to the Canadian economy.

The episode explores ways to build a post-pandemic economy that centres on making work more equitable, inclusive, and dignified. Learn more about those interviewed by visiting the following links (in order of appearance):

Creig Lamb Co-Founder & Principal, Shift Insights https://www.shiftinsights.ca/ Floyd Marinescu Executive Director, UBI Works CEO and Co-founder, C4Media https://www.ubiworks.ca/ Anjum Sultana Fellow, Public Policy Forum Contributor, “Skills for the Post-Pandemic World: Scoping Report” Co-Author, “A Feminist Recovery Plan for Canada” https://www.anjumsultana.com/ Jessie Golem Entrepreneur, professional writer, photographer, pianist, and activist Creator, Humans of Basic Income portrait series https://www.jessiegolem.com/ Wayne Lewchuk Professor, School of Labour Studies, Department of Economics, McMaster University Co-author, “Southern Ontario’s Basic Income Experience” report https://socialsciences.mcmaster.ca/people/lewchuk-wayne