Episode 7, Part 2: Greening the Economy, Greening the Grid

Designing a Humane Future

29-09-2023 • 1 hr 8 mins

This is a two-part ­episode that examines climate change and our current economic model. In part one, we’ll learn more about two of the industries that are some of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases in Canada, and the shifts underway within these sectors to not only reduce emissions but to move towards net zero.

In part two, we’ll focus on greening the grid. We will look at how microgrids are part of building more local, climate-resilient energy infrastructure, and how these locally scaled smart grids can provide opportunities for community-owned and -produced power as well as Indigenous energy sovereignty.

Learn more about the experts interviewed this episode by visiting the following links (in order of appearance):

Brent Preston Farmer, The New Farm, https://thenewfarm.ca/ Director, Farmers for Climate Solutions, https://farmersforclimatesolutions.ca/ President, Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario, https://efao.ca/

Emma Jarratt Executive Editor, Electric Autonomy Canada https://electricautonomy.ca/

Dr. Christina Hoicka Canada Research Chair in Urban Planning for Climate Change Associate Professor, Geography and Civil Engineering, University of Victoria https://www.socialexergy.com/

Dr. Vidya Vankayala Director, Smart Microgrid Applied Research Team (SMART) British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) https://www.bcit.ca/applied-research/smart-microgrid/

Mary Warner Co-Executive Director, Finance & Operations, TREC Renewable Energy Co-op https://www.trec.on.ca/

Chris Henderson Founding Executive Director, Indigenous Clean Energy (ICE) Social Enterprise https://indigenouscleanenergy.com/