Leadership Series: Gratitude in the Midst of Crisis

Make My People Better

19-11-2020 • 52 mins

During these difficult times it’s important to reflect on what we are thankful for. For this episode, Gretchen and Kyle invite leadership members of the community to take a moment to reflect on what they’ve learned from these challenges and how they are moving forward.

You’ll get to hear from Christia Hicks, VP of Human Resources at Eskenazi Health, Bob Kort, CEO at Kort Builders, Jeff McDermott, CEO of the Center for Performing Arts, Cynthia Pizzaro, President at C-Spring, Steve Long, CEO at Hancock Regional Health, and Greg Streamlaw, CEO with Indy Eleven. Each guest has a different experience with the  impact of COVID. Tune in as they share not only what they are thankful for, but also how they are giving back.