#118 - Ranking Mendes' Filmography

1001 by 1

30-04-2021 • 2 hrs 49 mins

Sam Mendes is a tried and true director – starting in the theatre and working his way to the attention of Steven Spielberg. His films have been honored all across the world and he has been coveted with some of the industry’s highest honors (including the Academy Award). This summer when the newest edition of “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die”, Sam Mendes will no longer be represented in the book…and we think that sucks. So tune in to hear Adam and Ian discuss every film he’s ever made: American Beauty, Road to Perdition, Jarhead, Revolutionary Road, Away We Go, Skyfall, Spectre, & 1917. This episode ends the only way it ever could…we the definitive Sam Mendes ranking – so tune in and see where your favorite lands.

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Intro/Outro music is “Bouncy Gypsy Beats” by John Bartmann.

0:00 – Intros/Why is Sam Mendes not going to be in the book?
4:40 – Mendes History & Films
14:58 – Mendes Collaborators
24:25 – “Spectre”
41:08 – “Jarhead”
1:02:37 – “American Beauty”
1:24:30 – “Away We Go”
1:40:50 – “Revolutionary Road”
1:59:57 – “Skyfall”
2:15:00 – “Road to Perdition”
2:27:14 – “1917”
2:44:13 – The Definitive Ranking/Final Thoughts

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