Episode 129: Blade Runner

1001 by 1

17-09-2021 • 1 hr 53 mins

Quite fitting that our 2nd to last episode in our “Tribute to Ian” series was his 2nd favorite film. As he was a self-proclaimed “Ridley Scott fanboy”, we will be discussing the Sci-Fi noir “Blade Runner” this week. Adam is joined by Brittany Reinholz-Hobson (from our “Audition” episode) to discuss a myriad of topics on this complicated film: from the different cuts to Ridley’s struggles with the producers; from the treatment of Sean Young to the unicorn and “who is a replicant?” question. This movie is a mountain of talking points – and while we did not get to everything, we feel good about the depth we got to on each idea. Also, this week Brittany recommends “I Saw the Devil” (currently ad-free on Kanopy) and Adam recommends “Battle Royale” (also currently ad-free on Kanopy).

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Intro/Outro music is “Bouncy Gypsy Beats” by John Bartmann.

0:00 – Intros

4:36 – “I Saw the Devil”

9:10 – “Battle Royale”

13:16 – “Blade Runner” Stats/History

43:22 – “Blade Runner” Plot/Thoughts

1:46:56 – Final Thoughts

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