#114 - Roman Holiday

1001 by 1

02-04-2021 • 1 hr 37 mins

After spending so much time in the last few decades of film, we at 1001 by 1 decided to jump back to the 1960s. Our first William Wyler film; our first Audrey Hepburn film; and our first time with this guest. Adam and Ian welcome Kieran B. from the “Best Picture Cast” to discuss the romantic comedy “Roman Holiday”. Join the gang as they discuss Hepburn’s breakout role, black & white filming vs. shooting on location, and the iconic of the Vespa scene. Also, this week Kieran brings us a gaggle of “east coast” recommends as well as his classic recommend of “The Lost Weekend” (available to rent on most major platforms), Adam (kind of) recommends “Raya and the Last Dragon”(in theaters or with Disney+ Premier), and Ian recommends “Charade” (available on Prime, Hoopla, VUDU, and many other).

0:00 – Intros/Best Picture Cast/East Coast Films
10:48 – Adam’s Theater Adventure & Ian’s recommend “Charade”
17:26 – Kieran’s recommend “The Lost Weekend”
22:10 – “Roman Holiday” Stats/History
45:08 – “Roman Holiday” Plot/Thoughts
1:23:56 – Final Thoughts & Replacements

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