The Create+Activate Podcast | Episode 5 | Maximising PR ROI with Alex Hickson


04-04-2023 • 37 mins

The right return on investment is the holy grail of all marketing activity. With that in mind, TrunkBBI's Head of Digital PR, Alex Hickson explains how traditional PR has been reinvented for the online age, with metrics at its heart.

In the very first podcast from TrunkBBI’s new in-house studio, Alex tells Adam and Jon:

  • Why we should be demonstrating ROI on PR activity

  • What you can actually measure with a digital PR strategy

  • How the conflict between brand building and search can be a barrier to achieving the desired ROI

There's also a Marvel-related case study of how big a splash a tiny amount spent on digital PR can make.

This is followed by a fascinating conversation about the essential role creative technology now plays in digital PR. And the exciting new ways it can engage people and get them consuming content.


Adam Britton, MD TrunkBBI

Jon Butler, CEO TrunkBBI

Alex Hickson, Head of Digital PR TrunkBBI